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For over 35 years NRVMA has brought together professionals to provide expertise, solutions and networking opportunities.

NRVMA is an educational, non-profit organization dedicated to providing expertise, solutions and networking opportunities to personnel involved in integrated roadside vegetation management. We are a network of federal, state, county, city, university and industry personnel, all working towards safe, beautiful roadsides.
NRVMA was established to bring together personnel interested and involved in integrated roadside vegetation management through employment, research, education, regulation, contracting, manufacturing or merchandise.

NRVMA was founded in 1983, and is dedicated to providing expertise, solutions and networking opportunities to personnel involved in integrated roadside vegetation management. We are a network of federal, state, county, city, university and industry personnel, all working towards safe, beautiful roadsides.

The Annual NRVMA Conference takes place in September each year. More details can be found at

  • Exchanging ideas, opinions, experiences, information and solutions;
    Discussing integrated vegetation management activities related to safety, functional and operational characteristics, economy, roadside beautification and aesthetics, and ecological soundness.
  • Promoting coordinated, integrated efforts among those interested and engaged in roadside vegetation management
  • Establishing and administering standards of recognition for roadside vegetation managers.
  • Providing the manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of roadside vegetation management products, equipment, material and services the opportunity to introduce and demonstrate their capabilities.

Sep 29 - Oct 01, 2020

Conference Update
March 30, 2020

First of all, we hope that all are doing well during this difficult time in our Country. Our prayers go out to all that are facing issues that we are not accustom to.

The NRVMA Board would like to update our loyal members and to all who are planning to attend our Annual Conference in Asheville, North Carolina, September 29-October 1, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. There is a lot of uncertainty about the next few months as it relates to our conference. We are making plans to have the Conference as scheduled on these dates. The Board has discussed the situation and are in agreement.

We will evaluate the situation around the first of June and update the website as to any changes that may have transpired. In the meantime, please check the website for information regarding Conference registration, hotel registration and award nominations.

We look forward to seeing you in Asheville in September.

John Reynolds
Executive Director
National Roadside Vegetation
Management Association


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Officers and Executive Board


John Reynolds, Executive Director

Dr. John Byrd, President
Mississippi State University

Matt Kraushar, Vice President
Indiana Dept, of Transportation

Brad Maddy, Treasurer
DBI Services

Doug Wood, Past President
Bayer VM

Executive Board

Jonathan Black

Amanda Fowler
Texas Dept. of Transportation

David Harris
North Carolina Dept. of Transportation

Dr. Dennis Martin
Oklahoma State University

Myron Rabalais
Bayer Vegetation Management

Mike Smith
Kentucky Transportation Cabinet

Stacie Songer

Chuck Wills
Missouri Dept. of Transportation


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